Berkshire Brewing Association Misc Breweriana

Berkshire Brewing Association -  This receipt dated July 31, 1903 and written on Brooks Bank Note Co. Springfield, Mass paper shows the sale of 2 dozen Malt Extract and 2 Dozen Export Beer bottles. It features in the upper left hand corner a picture dated 1868 of the early Pre-Berkshire Brewing Company then know as Gimlich & White.  With the next picture showing the current brewery noting the success and change in size of each brewery. This receipt also shows the customer returned 2 dozen bottles for a 50 cent refund of the bill. It also states "The 2 doz. bottles use at the house Elizabeth st.". Very interesting piece of history and Breweriana.

Berkshire Brewing Association - Foam Scraper.  One side reads "Compliments The Berkshire Brewing Ass'n Pittsfield, Mass". The other side reads "Berkshire Lager". This scraper is in great condition and the only one I have ever seen.


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