The Berkshire Brewing Association

The Berkshire Brewing Association located in Pittsfield, Massachusetts was a functioning brewery between the years 1892 and 1919 until it closure due to prohibition. 

 This website will list my personal collection of BBA Breweriana along with any links to other known items to exist. I have been gathering as much information as I can about the brewery, including pictures, history, and items from this Pre-Prohibition brewery. This is not just a collection, but a documentation of Pittsfield and its brewing history.

 I have not been able to find any other Berkshire Brewing websites, so any information about this brewery is welcome and greatly appreciated. If you have any Berkshire Breweriana you want to share I'll include it in my Other Collections section. I am especially interested in the dating of the items posted on this website.

 I tried to make this website as easy as possible to navigate. I have split all the bottles up on different pages according to style. Pages might take some time to load because I used the best resolution for my photos.



Update: 5/22/12 updated with 1 new bottle in the "Other Collections" section. Things have been real slow as far as collecting goes, haven't come across anything lately. 



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